why work with be digable?

I know what you are thinking. There is no way you possibly have time in your day to be your own social media manager.
Where do I start? How often do I have to post? Why is it important? Here is how Be Digable can help YOU:


Create a strategy & a workflow for you to easily manage your personal brand so you can share your story & step into your ideal opportunities.  


Help you understand the importance and power of your personal brand. This is not about being an influencer, but being your authentic self.


Collaborate with you to identify the key themes in your work & personal life that you want to highlight and share with your communities.

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  • One 1 hour call to discuss your existing social presence

  • Discuss your personal branding goals

  • Provide tips and action items to elevate your personal brand

  • Receive a customized checklist at the end of the work

  • Access to resources–personal branding checklist & quick start guide

Personal Brand Strategy

  • Social media or digital audit of personal brand

  • Brainstorm session to identify your story and who you are

  • Define your personal branding pillars

  • Outline the channels for your storytelling

  • Training on various platforms so you feel more empowered

  • Tools to manage your personal brand

  • Identify key thought leaders you should be engaging with


Personal Brand Strategy & Management

  • Create & define your personal branding goals

  • Outline the channels for your storytelling

  • Develop monthly social content calendars

  • Execute weekly content posts and updates across platforms

  • Identify key thought leaders you should be engaging with

  • Create content–blog posts, video capture, graphic creation, bio

  • Deliver monthly reports to understand content performance

  • Set up photo/content shoot

Personal Brand Workshop & Training

  • Intro meeting to discuss goals for the workshop/training

  • Provide attendees questionnaire to gauge mindset and level of digital IQ

  • 1 hour training for personal branding presentation

  • 3 hour training to create & update attendees personal brands

  • Workshop materials will be provided during and after training

  • Contact info between attendees + Be Digable for post-event questions