4 Female Executives You Need To Be Following On Social Media

82% of consumers are more likely to trust a company whose CEO and leadership team engage on social media (Source: LinkedIn)

My inspiration for creating Be Digable is to help female executives elevate their presence online in order to be seen as the thought leaders they are within their companies. We need more women being recognized for their talents, work, and thought leadership. By understanding the value of their personal brand, these female executives are leading the way for what it means to be an executive in 2019. They utilize their social accounts to not only share key business updates, but to highlight all aspects of their work (the good and the not so pretty), as well as share their personal lives—which builds trust with consumers and customers.

Here is our list of female executives making their mark on social media:


Sara is hands down my favorite person to follow. She is so incredibly accomplished, but does not try and sugarcoat her life. She shares all the fun and hilarious behind-the-scenes of her family, takes us inside Spanx by showcasing various initiatives and events, and (my favorite) her posts about women on the street or passing by that share their love of Spanx. She comes across as totally relatable (as a woman in business, I feel like I can aspire to be in her shoes), gives potential employees a glimpse inside Spanx, and promotes the products! You can follow her on Instagram here.


I might be a little partial to adding Beverly on the list. Beverly was my first boss when I worked at the Recording Academy (GRAMMY Awards). She is the one that really taught and inspired me how to approach social media and work with the platforms to drive innovation. She has always understood the value of her voice and sharing her story. She is funny and hilarious, but also shares all that she is working on at MGM, while sharing key insights about the latest trends. You can follow her here on Twitter.


Amber is truly an example of walking the walk and talking the talk. As founder of rewardStyle & Liketoknow.it, she has revolutionized the fashion world by creating tools for influencers to monetize their following while creating authentic and engaging content. When leading a lifestyle brand, consumers want to see that reflected in the person leading the company—and she does just that. Amber has a perfect combination of influencer, lifestyle photos as well as highlights from her work and personal moments with family. You can follower Amber on Instagram and LinkedIn.


Katrina is a great example of what female executives can do when building their personal brand. She provides a great balance of showcasing key highlights from Stitch Fix happenings, while also sharing personal moments. Katrina also does a great job of creating quality engagement across platforms. She doesn’t just focus on one (which can tend to do), but has built a presence on each. You can follow Katrina on Twitter and Instagram.

Personal branding gets me so excited because I love helping clients identify and uncover possibilities of how they can create a more intentional personal brand. If you want to learn more, head to our services page to see how we can work together!