Camp Climb: Building Community

Camp Climb Store 2018

Camp Climb Store 2018

As I have been building up my business, I have immersed myself in the world of entrepreneurship. I have followed fellow business owners, podcasters, educators, and more. I have been fortunate enough to learn from and be inspired by incredible women who have created thriving businesses through following their passions. Two women I have followed closely are Amy Porterfield and Jenna Kutcher. Through their podcasts, I feel I have taken a class in business and entrepreneurship this past year.

A couple months ago, Jenna posted about the fact that she was going to be a keynote speaker at Camp Climb—a camp for female creatives. I was instantly intrigued! 1) I always wanted to go to sleep away camp growing up and 2) I was seeking community with fellow female creatives. For weeks, I couldn’t get the idea of Camp Climb out of my head. I was in LA and Camp was in Iowa, should I go? I took the leap and bought my ticket.

I have always been one to follow my heart and take chances. I truly believe that stepping outside of your comfort zone is where you grow the most. And me going all the way to Iowa to Camp—where I knew no one—was definitely an incredible learning experience. Here is what I learned:

  1. Go to where you will be supported—When you are dreaming and creating something new, make sure you seek out a community that will lift you up. I am extremely fortunate to have supportive family and friends. However, it is crucial that you also have support and/or mentors that have walked a similar road and can relate to your journey. To be around so many other women who are in the same or similar situation as I am, it reminds you that you aren’t alone and inspires you to be and do more.

  2. Take time to go outside your bubble—I can’t stress this enough, going outside your comfort zone is the best thing you can do for yourself. Going from LA to Iowa, without knowing anyone, reminded me that it is important to learn from others. The reception of the campers was humbling. Everyone was extremely kind and generous.

  3. Make it happen—Sometimes we tend to overthink our ideas or second guess ourselves. Seeing what Emma Hicks, Founder of Camp Climb, created with Camp was very inspiring. To think she had the idea and put it together and made it happen, reminded me we can never dream too big. I think she had the idea and put it together within a year. I am so grateful she brought us all together! Emma is a fabulous event planner with an incredible attention to detail and shout out to Mariah Danielsen for the incredible branding.

  4. Get off Instagram and connect in real life—In our world of social media, it is easy for us to live through our Instagram accounts. Making our lives look pretty or admiring someone else’s life. No matter how much technology advances or how much we enjoy these new platforms, nothing can replace getting out and meeting and connecting in real life. Connecting in real life is where the magic moments happen. I am thankful to everyone I met and for everyone that I was inspired by from afar.

I am very excited about the future of Be Digable and I look forward to connecting with more business owners. My goal with Be Digable has always been to elevate females in business and I look forward to building and growing. So many ideas, I gotta get going!

If you are interested in Camp Climb, make sure to check out, they have already announced their 2019 dates and first speaker!

Camp Climb Campers 2018

Camp Climb Campers 2018