Curate Your Social Feeds To Create Joy

Who are your favorite people to follow on social media? Are they friends, family, or public figures? Do they inspire you? Or make you laugh? Or do they annoy, frustrate and make you feel...well, blah?

It is very important to be mindful of who you choose to follow on social media. You may not realize it, but those messages and images are infiltrating your thoughts on a daily basis. There may be a former coworker that always complains on social media, but you remain friends because you don’t want to be mean. Or it is the reality TV stars you follow on social media, who always end up making you question your own beauty or outfit. It may seem simple, but over time your subconscious is now filled with these ideas, images and energy that can be draining you. It’s not about unfollowing someone because they think differently than you. It is about being more mindful of who you are following and how that impacts your feelings about yourself, your friends/family and ultimately the world around you.

Curate Your Social Feeds to Create Joy_Be Digable_Personal Branding

Now while social media has its dark side, there is also a beautiful side to it as well. There are people with inspiring stories, laugh til you cry funny videos, awe-inspiring artistic works, and uplifting words of wisdom. With this blog, I want to inspire you to take action steps towards curating a feed that will bring you more JOY.

STEP 1: Identify the potentially toxic people, brands, or public figures you follow on social media. They may frustrate, annoy, or make you feel bad (comparison syndrome). You can either unfollow, unlike or defriend. You can also 'hide from newsfeed' if you are not ready to defriend. 

STEP 2: Think of the people you enjoy following. How do they make you feel? Find accounts or topics that make you feel this same way. On Instagram, go to accounts you enjoy following, click on the small triangle under 'following.' It will populate similar accounts to follow.

STEP 3: Think of the hobbies or industries that bring you joy and inspire you. Do research on who and what to follow within those communities. I recently discovered the handwoven creative community on Instagram and it brings me such JOY! I love seeing their incredible pieces because you can feel their passion—and I have never woven anything in my life, haha!

Here are examples of accounts that bring JOY to me on a daily basis:

  1. FEMALE EMPOWERMENT: Makers Women, Ellevest, Women’s March

  2. INSPIRATIONAL: Humans of New York, Super Soul

  3. BUSINESS: Levo League, Harvard Business Review, Gary Vee

  4. HOME DECOR:, Wit and Delight

  5. CREATIVES: Craftsposure, Unique Markets, Woven Together (& joy is in her bio!)

  6. FOOD: DKs Donuts, Tasty, The Loop Churros

It is critical to not just be mindful of the accounts you follow, but how much time you are spending on these platforms as well. You are now well on your way to manifesting more intentional joy each day!