Tools To Build Your Personal Brand

Time. There is never enough of it. Amiright? 

When I talk to clients about personal branding, they admit they don’t have the time to keep up with it. However, we should make it a priority because it is important. And if you dedicated ONE hour on a Sunday to plan things out for the week—you would be set!

One of my goals is to help clients find time in their week to build their personal brand. I think we all look for ways to make what we do more efficient. I highly recommend Amy Porterfield's Online Marketing Made Easy episode featuring Michael Hyatt where they talk about creating your ideal week to be more productive. 

However, there are also tools you can use that can make it easier to maintain and build your personal brand. Check out a few select tools below:

I don't know about you, but I love a great organized To Do list. Trello is a great project management organization tool. You can create boards for various topics and create tasks under each with due dates + much more. 

Instagram is the platform that the majority of us spend the most time on. Later is a GREAT tool and resource for Instagram. You can visually plan and schedule your posts on Later. They also have an informative blog that has amazing tips and news on the latest Instagram features.

Do you ever look at someone's cute post and wonder, "How did they create that?" Canva is one of the most incredible creative resources and you can use it for FREE. They have TONS of templates for social media and other visual materials.

This is one of the most underutilized features on Instagram. It is a way for you to save and organize Instagram posts you want to remember. I wrote a blog with tips on how to organize your Instagram Collections here

One of the easiest ways to keep up with your personal brand is schedule some of your posts ahead of time. Hootsuite is one of the most well known platforms for social media management. You can create an account for free and take one hour a week to plan out your posts for the next week, two weeks or month.

Get these tips and more in our Personal Branding Quickstart Guide! You can download it for FREE right here

Personal Branding Quickstart Guide

Whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand that you are cultivating everyday through your online presence (you will hear me say this alot). I am very passionate about owning your story and utilizing your online presence to share that story. Your story and who you are IS your personal brand.

I believe in telling your authentic story; the good and the not so perfect. We are in an age of finely curated feeds reflecting our finely curated lives. However, it is not reality. My goal in assisting with building your personal brand is to identify the key topics and themes in your business and personal life that you enjoy sharing and in which others would benefit from learning.

My goal is to empower you to own your story and further your career through your personal branding. I have created the Personal Branding Quickstart Guide to help you start growing your personal brand today! In the guide, I will take you through:

  1. Personal Branding Checklist for you to audit how you are using your social channels today
  2. Questionnaire to set the foundation of your business goals to help you identify your personal brand strategy
  3. Platform breakdown to give you tips on how to utilize each platform
  4. Calendar template to give you an idea of how often you should be posting
  5. Resource ideas of tools you can use to make it easier to build your personal brand


How to Organize Your Instagram Collections

With how quickly social media changes, it can be hard to keep up with all the new features! I mean, it seems like Instagram is rolling out a new feature every other week. Not only is it difficult to keep up, but then learning how to use the feature so that it would be useful to you is another challenge.

With more and more of my time being spent on Instagram, over other social channels, I noticed I was using the “Save” feature a lot. I would save recipes, clothes I wanted to buy, funny posts or inspirational quotes. "Save" button outlined in red below.

Instagram Save Button_Be Digable.PNG

Therefore, I started utilizing the Instagram Collection feature. It has been super helpful because it is much easier for me to find things I saved, rather than scrolling through the sea of posts. Here are some tips and ideas of how you can organize your Instagram Collections!

  1. Think of the types of posts that you save the most or would like to save. For example, recipes, fashion, home decor, vacation ideas, beauty tips, etc.
  2. Go through your saved posts (if you have any) and start to organize or try saving one post to see how it works. You will hold down the ‘Save’ button on an Instagram post, which will prompt you to create a folder or add to an existing folder. 
  3. Continue to add posts to your collections and create new collections! Whenever you want to access your folders, go to your Instagram Profile and click the tab on the far right with the “Save” button.
Instagram Collection Folder
Be Digable Instagram Collection.PNG
Instagram Collection Folders Be Digable.PNG

Happy Collecting!!

Curate Your Social Feeds To Create Joy

Who are your favorite people to follow on social media? Are they friends, family, or public figures? Do they inspire you? Or make you laugh? Or do they annoy, frustrate and make you feel...well, blah?

It is very important to be mindful of who you choose to follow on social media. You may not realize it, but those messages and images are infiltrating your thoughts on a daily basis. There may be a former coworker that always complains on social media, but you remain friends because you don’t want to be mean. Or it is the reality TV stars you follow on social media, who always end up making you question your own beauty or outfit. It may seem simple, but over time your subconscious is now filled with these ideas, images and energy that can be draining you. It’s not about unfollowing someone because they think differently than you. It is about being more mindful of who you are following and how that impacts your feelings about yourself, your friends/family and ultimately the world around you.

Curate Your Social Feeds to Create Joy_Be Digable_Personal Branding

Now while social media has its dark side, there is also a beautiful side to it as well. There are people with inspiring stories, laugh til you cry funny videos, awe-inspiring artistic works, and uplifting words of wisdom. With this blog, I want to inspire you to take action steps towards curating a feed that will bring you more JOY.

STEP 1: Identify the potentially toxic people, brands, or public figures you follow on social media. They may frustrate, annoy, or make you feel bad (comparison syndrome). You can either unfollow, unlike or defriend. You can also 'hide from newsfeed' if you are not ready to defriend. 

STEP 2: Think of the people you enjoy following. How do they make you feel? Find accounts or topics that make you feel this same way. On Instagram, go to accounts you enjoy following, click on the small triangle under 'following.' It will populate similar accounts to follow.

STEP 3: Think of the hobbies or industries that bring you joy and inspire you. Do research on who and what to follow within those communities. I recently discovered the handwoven creative community on Instagram and it brings me such JOY! I love seeing their incredible pieces because you can feel their passion—and I have never woven anything in my life, haha!

Here are examples of accounts that bring JOY to me on a daily basis:

  1. FEMALE EMPOWERMENT: Makers Women, Ellevest, Women’s March

  2. INSPIRATIONAL: Humans of New York, Super Soul

  3. BUSINESS: Levo League, Harvard Business Review, Gary Vee

  4. HOME DECOR:, Wit and Delight

  5. CREATIVES: Craftsposure, Unique Markets, Woven Together (& joy is in her bio!)

  6. FOOD: DKs Donuts, Tasty, The Loop Churros

It is critical to not just be mindful of the accounts you follow, but how much time you are spending on these platforms as well. Take a look at my 5 Ways to Unplug Worksheet to help you disconnect from your phone and devices to be more present everyday. Download the worksheet here. You are now well on your way to manifesting more intentional joy each day!